– Areas of activity and focus –

Statutory annual audits according to German GAAP/ IFRS
Voluntary annual audits in accordance with German GAAP/ IFRS
Audit of consolidated financial statements according to German GAAP/ IFRS
Conversion of accounting from German GAAP to IFRS
Opinions on special accounting issues
Impairment test for capital increases
Special audits such as fraud, due diligence

National and international tax planning and structuring
Advice on cross-border issues
Preparation of interim and annual financial statements
Preparation of tax returns/applications
– periodically: corporate income tax, income tax, trade tax, value-added tax etc.
– on a case-by-case basis: inheritance tax, gift tax, investment tax
Support during tax audits
Out-of-court and judicial remedial proceedings
Expert opinions on tax matters
Inheritance and gift tax planning
Advice on corporate succession
Choice of legal form and corporate transformations

Liquidity planning
Support with
– Discussions with banks
– Applications for investment grants and subsidies
Operational comparisons
Balance sheet analysis
Investment and financing consulting
Company valuations
Expert opinions on commercial law issues

Preparation of financial accounting with the DATEV system
Digital accounting with Unternehmen-Online (DATEV)
Preparation of monthly VAT returns
Preparation of business reports and analysis
Ongoing accounting consulting
Participation in industry comparisons (DATEV)
(Financial accounting as a combined solution for companies and tax consultants)
Preparation of statistic

Preparation of payrolls using the DATEV system
Management of payroll accounts
Preparation of wage tax returns
Preparation of notifications for health insurance companies and employers’ liability insurance association
Accompanying the audits of the tax office, health insurance companies, employers’ liability insurance association and similar audits
Other certificates and services